Groom Every Room With Fraiche Air Fresheners:

Air Fresheners

A pleasant environment can always improve one’s mood. While designers of rooms focus on matters such as the aesthetics and acoustics, along with the materials used for building, the sense of smell doesn’t get prominence whilst designing. This can be quite a telling factor for those who visit your spaces and could make the difference between a good space and great space.

We tend to spend a lot of time indoors and in closed spaces – be it offices, homes, cars and more. Making sure these spaces smell great is important in ensuring people leave with a memorable impression of you and your surrounding spaces, which have your personal touch.

Now, there are so many different products available for you to add that little bit of a personal touch to your spaces. Using Air freshener is one way you can stamp your authority and let people know that this space has your name written all over it.

Fraiche is one brand that has distinct, memorable aromas that are spread over a wide range of products to give you the edge and groom every room in a style that suits your personality the best.

Air Fresheners For Every Room:

Fraiche is a fragrance company with a difference – to groom every room with a personal touch. There is a range of products that are specially designed for every room – offices, kitchens, bedrooms and more.

These air fresheners can lighten the mood, improve the overall aroma of a room and generally give a room its own personality.  Fraiche’s range of air fresheners come in a wonderful range of aromas:

  1. Fresh Linen – The crisp, lovely smell of fresh linen once they come from the laundry cannot be explained, but only enjoyed. Fraiche has taken this bedroom freshener aroma  and created an air freshener that reminds you of linen you’d wear all-day long with pride.
  2. Pure lime – A Kitchen Fragrance that whets your appetite and gets you ready to sit down and gorge food, pure lime is a great fragrance for the kitchen. It adds a layer of citrus-y freshness to your kitchen and allows you to mask the stronger smells that are a hallmark of Indian cuisine
  3. Divine – Divine is the best room freshener for your living room is the piece de resistance of your home and it deserves to smell awesome. The Divine living room fragrance is driven by flower power and will liven up your living room to make it feel like you’re in a garden
  4. French Lavender – Lavenders define grace and elegance and your office space too can be an extension of those qualities. Let your co-workers and you enjoy every day with this specially designed office air freshener and turn your office into your own French Quarter.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

As soon as the month of February dawns upon the world, the air is filled with love. And why not? Valentine’s Day is near! It is a day that celebrates love and affection. However, celebrating this special day brings the woes of gifting as well. Everyone who is in a relationship is searching for the perfect gift to showcase their love. So, what is the best way to do so? Make something from scratch!

A Do-It-Yourself gift can work wonders in strengthening the bond between two lovebirds and also displays how much you care about each other. Here are a few DIY ideas to make this a fun-filled Valentine’s Day.

  1. Customised Chocolate Box

What speaks more of Valentine’s Day than a box of mouth-watering chocolates? One that has been made with thoughtful love! If your SO loves chocolates, you can set out to make a customised box that contains all their favourite ones. You can also try your hands at making chocolates at home and placing them in a handmade box that speaks of your love.  Another great idea is to customise a mason jar, by painting quotes or doodles, and putting in some tasty candy treats that they love. So, let this Valentine’s Day be a chocolatey affair and get your customised candy box to surprise your partner.

  1. Bath Kit

A DIY bath kit can become one of the most intimate and caring gifts for your loved one, allowing them a day of self-love and pampering with the ultimate spa therapy at home. You can make flavoured soaps and mould them into little hearts or craft a colourful bath bomb infused with your partner’s favourite essential oils. Fruity scrubs made with sugar, fruit extracts and essential oils can also become a great addition to your bath hamper. You can place them all together in a cute basket and decorate it with glitter or lace to enhance the look. So, get your thinking caps on and make sure your special someone has the best Valentine’s Day ever.

  1. A Personalized Mason Jar Flower Pot

Is your partner into gardening? Or do they love flowers a lot? You can make this Valentine’s Day extra special by gifting them their own personal garden. You can customise a few mason jars with paint or stickers and plant small shrubs of vibrant and fragrant flowers that your SO will fall in love with. This is an amazing way to showcase your love for your partner and nature at the same time. Gifting plants can also help in nurturing your relationship and adding more warmth to it.

  1. Scented Candles

Ditch the clichéd flowers and gift a scented candle instead. The best part is, they are easy to make and customise. Just melt the wax, mix it with some fragrant oils or essences and pour it into a mould of your choice. You can also carve out quotes on the candles or add some personalised designs that will surprise your partner even more. So, set up a hamper of beautiful, aromatic candles this Valentine’s Day and make sure your special someone has a great day to look forward to.

Here’s a Suggestion: Fill up a decorated mason jar with small bits of paper stating all the places you want to visit with your loved one in the months to come.

Let these DIY ideas make sure you and your significant other has the best Valentine’s Day. A day that speaks of your care, thoughtfulness and growing love for each other.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.

The season of love has dawned upon us, with many still procrastinating on the perfect way to celebrate it with their significant others. However, time always plays a big role in making your plans this Valentine’s Day a success. If you are someone who is short on time but has not given up yet, then here are some last-minute gift ideas to make up for your big day.

  • A Surprise Getaway

If you want to give your partner Valentine’s Day gift that they will remember all their lives, whisk them away to a romantic getaway. You can plan a spontaneous trip or just plan a long drive through the city where you get to spend quality time with your loved one. This gift does not require too much time to plan and can work as one of the best gifts to make your Valentine’s Day romantic and memorable.


  • Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolates have been a huge part of Valentine’s celebrations, even having an entire day of the Valentine’s week dedicated to them. Thus, it comes as no surprise that these tasty treats can become the perfect gift for your Valentine. If you have missed out on ordering a gift for your Valentine , go ahead and prepare a chocolate bouquet with their favourite chocolates thrown in. This gifting option will take very little time and please your partner as well. A chocolate box is also quite easy to come by, so, you can get that as well.


  • Bath Bomb Gift Set

A simple yet easy way to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day is to gift them a hamper of bath bombs. Bath bombs are all the rage right now and what better way to give your special someone the gift of relaxation. You can always get a bath bomb hamper at a cosmetic or beauty store. So, find one that has your partner’s favourite fragrances and allow them to have a day of self-love with a personalized spa therapy at home.


  • V-Day home essentials – Jar Candles

Serving as one of the best options for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, candles are both romantic and beautiful to look at. You can always go for Scented Candles like Jar Candle, Pillar candle, Or a Customized Candles  with different fragrances to surprise your loved one and show them your love. They are easy to get, and you can get one that suits your needs in no time. Pillar candles can also work wonders. They will add to the decor of the house as well as work as a great gift to cheer up your partner.

Here’s a suggestion: A photo frame with pictures of the two of you or a hand-made card can do the trick as well. It won’t take as much time, but it will be a great way to showcase your love to your partner.

If you were not sure of what to gift your SO, these ideas will help you decide! Indeed one of the best ways to make your loved one happy. So, get going and get the perfect gift to celebrate the season of love.


For those in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a chance to prove, celebrate and reflect on the love they share with their partners. For single people, it’s often a different feeling. There are red pillows and pink teddy bears and hearts everywhere you look, and while that can get overwhelming, it just wouldn’t do to let it all bum you down, would it?

Fortunately, there are so many things single people can do to get the most out of Valentine’s Day- it’s the day of love, so here are a few ways to turn that much-needed love on yourself:

Treat Yourself

Let’s start with an easy one. Save up money and, come Valentine’s Day, splurge on a new haircut, sleek new sneakers, a makeover or that bomber jacket you’ve always wanted. Take yourself out for a fancy meal and a movie, or have a relaxing picnic in the park with a good book or podcast. Treat yourself to whatever you want, without holding back.

Find a New Hobby 

Why not spend the day indulging your hobbies or, even better, developing new ones? Sign up for that pottery class, or join a dance class or a boxing gym. Find a new hobby that looks interesting and see if it’s the right fit for you. You don’t have to do it all alone either- take a friend along, or just show up at the class and you could end up making new pals.

Go on a Staycation

Take the day off and convert it into a staycation! Sit at home in your pyjamas and catch up on your favourite TV series with a glass of vino in hand for that hygge experience. Alternatively, book yourself into a lavish hotel and use the excellent gym and spa to get the pampering you deserve.

Play the Tourist

We’re sometimes so caught up with our lives that we haven’t had a chance to explore the city we’re in, so seize the day! Head to an area of town that you’ve never been to. Weave in and out of those little boutiques and bistros you’ve been eyeing. Sit on a park bench and take a breather, before life catches up with you all over again.

Count Your Blessings

We’re getting a little philosophical here, but hear us out. Look at all the wonderful things you have going on for you- it may be a supportive family, a blooming career, straight As, your loyal dog, even the cake that came out just right. By expressing gratitude for the good life on a day that harps on frantically about romantic love alone, you’re putting things into perspective, and setting the tone for the rest of the year.

Here’s a suggestion: Send a card, flowers or a cheeky gift to another single friend, or a family member, just to remind them of how much you care.

On a day when it feels like the universe is conniving against you and your lack of a romantic relationship, it’s easy to feel disheartened- but flying solo also means having the luxury of splurging and putting your needs first.

So, take advantage of this day to indulge and love yourself!