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  Ah, college! It’s always a fun time in life where you’re transitioning into an adult, but you’re not there yet. Legally, yes, you’re allowed to function as an adult, but everybody knows 21 is the REAL age to grow up, right? However, college is a fun experience where you’ll be able to test yourself in a variety of situations and grow as a person. It is a wonderful time where you’ll experience a range of emotions and achievements – euphoria, sadness, heartbreak, accomplishment and more.
However, for three to four years, you will be tasked with moving around different classes, walking in your campus, studying and more. During all these situations, one accessory which will end up being your best friend through these years is your college bag. If you use it right, your college bag can be your savior through difficult times, allowing you to navigate through tricky college situations with ease.  


Here are 5 essential items you absolutely need in your college bag:

1. Deodorants (for those funky moments)
 With all that walking to do in college, you’re going to start sweating up a storm, especially during summers. Knowing how colleges in India are, you will find it hard to constantly have baths and go back and forth to your dormitory to freshen up. That’s why a deodorant is an absolute must-have. All you need to do is buy deo online and you’ll be able to breeze through your warm college days like a chiller.
There are many deodorants online which offer a pocket variant of their larger bottles. A normal-sized bottle is ideal for your backpack, and it can last you for weeks or even months altogether. Click here to buy deodorant online for your bag to save you whenever you need it.




2. Pens, pencils and a notebook (great ideas can pop out of nowhere)

   While there are plenty of college books to carry already, a rough notebook is a must-have in your backpack. This is because you can have the most genius idea while you’re having lunch at the cafeteria and have no place to draw it. While mobile phones are a great accessory for you to keep your thoughts in one place, it can never replace the feeling of pen on paper.


Keep a notebook inside your bag and you’ll be surprised to find out how many times you would need it. From jotting down little reminders to doodling in class (c’mon, we all do it), to formulating the next multi-million-dollar idea, your notebook is the ideal companion for your backpack, so go and get it!


3. Phone charger (stay lit):

  Phone chargers have become a lifeline in today’s world. In college, everybody’s on their devices – below the desks in class, on a bench with their friends or even just eating a meal. From watching your favourite Netflix show to YouTubing the best stand-up comedy, everybody wants to consume digital content and your phone’s going to face the brunt of it.
If it’s not too much work, purchase an economical phone charger or a power bank inside your bag. While you might forget to charge your phone at night, you can easily do it while you’re in class and spend some time paying attention occasionally!


 4. Tissues (for heartbreak or some spillage)

   A pack of tissues can never be underestimated as a useful accessory. They can save your day when you end up spilling a drink over yourself (some college parties can be messy). It’s also great to wipe away your sweat when you’re walking through college on a warm day as it can keep you looking clean.
Look for a good brand of wet wipes if you’re looking to stay refreshed and keep your skin smelling great. Tissues are always a good bet to keep in your bag also because they don’t take too much space and have a variety of usages, in a variety of situations.


 5. Chewing gum (Breath. It’s important)

    Let’s face it. In college, you’re going to be eating a lot of junk and drinking soft drinks like there’s no tomorrow. Some of these foods can influence your breath and nobody likes someone with foul odour emanating from their mouths, do they?


A pack of gum is another great product to have in your bag as you just need to pop it in occasionally after a heavy meal. It keeps you smelling fresh and ensures your friends don’t avoid you or look away when they need to talk. Once the fragrance wears off, stuff it in a tissue and chuck it away before popping another one!


 Thus, these are five essentials which can make a big difference to your backpack and keep you ready for any kind of situation. Don’t forget to have a lot of fun in college and make the most of it. These are years you’ll cherish for the rest of your life and you’re sure to have a wonderful time once you’re prepared to face any battle that comes your way.


  Whether it’s looking for a deo sale online or any other product which can make a difference, just pay the negligible amount it costs and cruise through your college life in style!





  • Feb 25, 2020
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