Groom Every Room With Fraiche Air Fresheners:


A pleasant environment can always improve one’s mood. While designers of rooms focus on matters such as the aesthetics and acoustics, along with the materials used for building, the sense of smell doesn’t get prominence whilst designing. This can be quite a telling factor for those who visit your spaces and could make the difference between a good space and great space.

We tend to spend a lot of time indoors and in closed spaces – be it offices, homes, cars and more. Making sure these spaces smell great is important in ensuring people leave with a memorable impression of you and your surrounding spaces, which have your personal touch.

Now, there are so many different products available for you to add that little bit of a personal touch to your spaces. Using Air freshener is one way you can stamp your authority and let people know that this space has your name written all over it.

Fraiche is one brand that has distinct, memorable aromas that are spread over a wide range of products to give you the edge and groom every room in a style that suits your personality the best.

Air Fresheners For Every Room:

Fraiche is a fragrance company with a difference – to groom every room with a personal touch. There is a range of products that are specially designed for every room – offices, kitchens, bedrooms and more.

These air fresheners can lighten the mood, improve the overall aroma of a room and generally give a room its own personality.  Fraiche’s range of air fresheners come in a wonderful range of aromas:

  1. Fresh Linen – The crisp, lovely smell of fresh linen once they come from the laundry cannot be explained, but only enjoyed. Fraiche has taken this bedroom freshener aroma  and created an air freshener that reminds you of linen you’d wear all-day long with pride.
  2. Pure lime – A Kitchen Fragrance that whets your appetite and gets you ready to sit down and gorge food, pure lime is a great fragrance for the kitchen. It adds a layer of citrus-y freshness to your kitchen and allows you to mask the stronger smells that are a hallmark of Indian cuisine
  3. Divine – Divine is the best room freshener for your living room is the piece de resistance of your home and it deserves to smell awesome. The Divine living room fragrance is driven by flower power and will liven up your living room to make it feel like you’re in a garden
  4. French Lavender – Lavenders define grace and elegance and your office space too can be an extension of those qualities. Let your co-workers and you enjoy every day with this specially designed office air freshener and turn your office into your own French Quarter.
  • Feb 25, 2020
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