Is Your Home Summer Ready?

Summer’s one season where the house starts to take a personality of its own. Humid, warm days can really raise the temperature at home and keep the sweat on edge throughout. It is crucial that you look out for ways to freshen up your homes such as keeping your home free from smell-inducing bacteria and ensure there is proper sunlight indoors.

The season can make your home seem much warmer than it already is, so here are four tips with which you can keep your home summer ready:

  1. Get a good set of air fresheners:

Damp, stale air tends to have a stagnating effect at home if not taken care of in the right manner. You don’t want your house smelling of dirty socks or the last thing you cooked, right? That’s why a good air freshener is in need. Not only will it block out the unpleasant smell, it will also add a very uplifting fragrance to your home and give you a higher sense of satisfaction when you enter.

There are plenty of fragrances you can choose from – lavenders, sandalwood, citrus and so much more. Make sure you get one that doesn’t hinder your breathing process or become too overwhelming and nauseous. The best part about air fresheners is that they can be reused as soon as their effect wears off and could also end up being the defining feature of your room if used in the right manner.

  1. Hang your clothes out instead of using the dryer:

Washing and drying clothes is a routine activity but the way you dry your clothes needs to change this summer. For these warm months, its better if you don’t use the dryer but hang your clothes out to dry. This is because dryers tend to add to the heat around a space and will just make your home even warmer.

The best part about hanging your clothes out is that you are also playing a role in saving the environment as dryers can emit CO2 emissions that are harmful to the environment. It’s always nice to take some effort and let your clothes hang out in the open. The sunlight is enough to clear any odour-causing bacteria and your clothes will be as good as new once you’re done.

  1. Insert plants or flowers by the windows:

Clean your windows to really get in the groove for the summer season ahead. Winter ends up leaving a lot of stains and grime on your windows, so summer presents the perfect opportunity to clean up. Use a solution of ammonia, vinegar and window cleaning fluid to remove all those pesky stains from your window.

A little bit of beautification is also a great way to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. Add a couple of plants or flowers by the window to make it look pretty. Greenery always adds a positive touch to any household and having it by the window is the best way to make your home look inviting this summer.

  1. Cover your furniture with white fabric:

White fabric tends to reflect the light that falls onto it, giving your house a much more cooling effect. Get some soft fabric that can easily be placed on top of the furniture to ensure that it stays intact and cool.

By placing this white fabric over your furniture, you are also keeping it free from insects and dust that tend to fly around during this season.

Thus, try these three tips to get your home ready for the summer. Head over to Fraiche and check out some of our awesome products, designed to make groom every room and keep it ready for any season.

  • Feb 25, 2020
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