How are Fraiche Products different from the other products in the market?

Fraiche Products are designed and produced specially for the Indian market.  All fragrances, colours and styles are created specially keeping in mind Indian preferences.

Fraiche Products are superior quality candles and contain a higher percentage of fragrance–up to 7%–compared to our competitors. Our candles burn better and more evenly and pass the international ASTM quality requirements.

We use only the highest quality fragrances declared safe by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). All fragrances used by us are approved for sale even in the US and Europe.


Do you offer any guarantees on your merchandise?

Our product Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee accompanies merchandise containing diamonds,  sapphires or emeralds.

In addition, you may purchase  Lifetime Extended Service Plan . The Extended Service Plan furnishes labor and parts necessary to maintain your merchandise in usable and wearable condition provided such service is necessitated by merchandise worn during normal conditions.


Custom Design Is it possible to create a ring online?

Yes. Using our Design-a-Ring feature, you can choose a diamond and a setting online and see how your completed ring will look.Once you’ve found “the one,” our expert craftsmen will place your diamond in the setting you’ve chosen and send the completed ring on its way to you.  We put thousands of diamonds and hundreds of settings at your fingertips.


Do I have right to cancel my order?

Orders may be canceled up to approximately one hour after they are placed through the Order Status page. then what contact within 1 business day our call center and confirm your cancel order.