Fraiche Car Perfume | Fragrance: Golden Amber | 80ml

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Let the memorable fragrance of the Golden Amber car perfume lift your spirits and keep your car fragrant all throughout the day. Order now and make a difference to your everyday drives.



  • EASY TO STORE- The sleek perfume can be placed inside a dashboard and used whenever required
  • LONG-LASTING - The internationally formulated fragrance is designed to let the smell linger long after spraying
  • DELIGHTFUL FRAGRANCE - The premium formulated fragrance has been created after years of research, to give you the most rejuvenating aroma, every time.
  • LIGHT AND LOVELY - The light aroma of the Golden Amber fragrance doesn't overpower your vehicle's interiors, allowing you to enjoy your drives with a smile
  • TMG PRODUCT - This car freshener is from the house of Primacy, one of the world's largest manufacturers of air care products.

Fraiche Car Perfume | Fragrance: Golden Amber | 80ml