Fraiche Bergamot Automatic Room Freshener | 250 ML

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Let your spaces feel light and breezy with the soothing aroma of Bergamot all over the room. With the Fraiche automatic room freshener machine, you'll also be able to enjoy this wonderful fragrance every few minutes as it wafts through every single time!


COMPONENTS INCLUDED : 1. Room freshener, 250 ML, 2. Automatic dispenser machine

MAGIC OF BERGAMOT : Musky, citrusy, woody and fresh, the Bergamot fragrance adds a touch of calmness to your spaces, with its unique fragrance and light dispersion

AUTOMATIC ADVANTAGE : The automatic fragrance dispenser ensures your spaces smell refreshing every few minutes without the need for external intervention; so carry on with your day in style!

TMG PRODUCT - This product is from the house of Primacy, one of the world's largest aircare and fragrance manufacturers




Fraiche Bergamot Automatic Room Freshener | 250 ML