L'Arome Gorgeous Women Deodorant | 150 ML | Pack of 3

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For all the times you've looked in the mirror and fallen in love with what you've seen - Gorgeous deos are for the confident women with self-belief that's unparalleled.


  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS - Hold the can 15 cm away from your armpit and spray till an even coat is applied throughout.
  • EASY TO STORE : These bottles are compact and well-insulated, making them easier to store in bags, cupboards and other small spaces without the need for light.
  • INTERNATIONALLY SOURCED : All the fragrances from L'arome are sourced internationally to keep up with a competitive market. Each deodorant bottle has its own unique distinction, giving you a characteristic aroma when sprayed.
  • TMG PRODUCT - This car freshener is from the house of Primacy, one of the world's largest manufacturers of aircare products

L'Arome Gorgeous Women Deodorant | 150 ML | Pack of 3